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Matiz dermatoscope

MATIZ is an easy to use dermatoscope that incorporates the capabilities of the the products on the market, in addition to the latest scientific advances. Matiz also integrates a unique set of features that can help in the diagnosis bringing all the expertise of specialist physicians closer to non-specialists ones.

All that with a very low difficulty for the user (UX/UI).


MATIZ features


Matiz is a compact smart device that fits in the palm of your hand. Easy to handle and with a very intuitive use. Our dermatoscope does not take up much space, and thanks to its powerful battery you can easily charge and transport it. Wireless, light and small. This will be your definitive tool for monitoring and screening your patients' moles.


The technology behind Matiz is based on the results of the latest scientific advances. Using different wavelengths, ranging from the visible to the near infrared, images that are not visible to the human eye can be taken. These provide relevant information for the classification of skin lesions. Thanks to these images and the AI, it will be possible to accelerate the diagnosis of skin cancer.


We follow the lean-manufacturing methodology to produce Matiz, which allows us to optimize the process and anticipate the market and people’s needs. By using this additive technology we adapt to changes very quickly.

The artificial intelligence algorithm, BIG DERMA, trained with multiespectral images taken with the Matiz dermatoscope and preexistent databases, will show similar lesions and guide non-specialist oncologists through a highly intuitive graphical interface.

Our software allows the interconnection between specialist and non-specialist doctors. It is an interoperable system that allows integration with EMR or HIS systems and other medical software to handle image and medical records.

What is a phototype

Phototype refers to the skin's ability to take in solar radiation. There are several phototypes and are assessed following the Fitzpatrick scale.
Some of them, those applicable to blond and red-haired people, fair-skinned and light-eyed, are more sensitive to UV rays, therefore being more prone to have skin cancer if suitable precautions are not taken.

Fitzpatrick scale

Always burns, does not tan

Burns easily, tans poorly

Minor burns, tans gradually

Light brown skin
Burns minimally, tans easily

Brown skin
Rarely burns, tans darkly easily

Dark brown
Never burns, always tans darkly