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Molexplore Melanoma Skin Cancer App is an app that helps you in the follow up of skin spots, thus allowing you to better detect skin problems, among them, the most severe one: cancer. With our App you could be informed about skin cancer symptomes and learn how to prevent them from appearing.
The main aim of Molexplore Melanoma Skin Cancer App is to help in the melanoma early detection, the most aggressive skin cancer.
Yes it is, you can download it for free in the App Store for IOs, as well as in Playstore for Android.
Yes, you can, and you can even add up to 5 profiles more to control your children skin spots, for example.
A Phototype is the capability of the skin to absorve solar radiation. There are 6 different phototypes according to the Fitszpatrick scale, a numerical classification for the skin color.
Yes, you can, once you download the App you will be able to take a very easy test to know exactly what is your phototype.
Yes, of course. In the free version of the APP you will be able to syncronize and visualize your family's images, but only in your device. In the paid version you will be able to access all your profiles from any device.
In the free version of the App images all images are your own.
No, it will not, the App is made for you to follow up your freckles and for allowing you to have a series of high quality photos so that you can send them to your dermatologist.
Skin screening accounts for the tracking and control we must do for the whole surface of our skin in order to detect possible alterations that could be malignant.
If you want to keep track of your skin, here you have some easy steps you could follow:
(Click on the image to zoom it in)
We should carry out a self examination once a month, and visit the dermatologist once a year at least.
You will be allowed to have only one user. One download = one user.
With your user you will be allowed to have up to 6 profiles. That means with your user you will be able to control the freckles of 6 different people without the need for them to create new users.
Yes, you can. You can compare images taken from the same freckle, and see how they evolve.
Using Molexplore App is very easy and intuitive. You just have to follow the steps that the App tells you to take to have the images with the best framing and quality possible.
Skin cancer is the most common cancer. The main skin cancers are: squamous cell carcinoma, basal cell carcinoma and melanoma. Melanoma is much less common than the others, but it is more likely to invade nearby tissues and spread throughout the body. For that reason it is important to keep track of the whole skin surface of our body.
The diagnosis of a freckle or spot in your skin that looks suspicious to you must ALWAYS be done by a medical doctor. He/She will be the one eventually diagnosing whether or not you are suffering from melanoma.
It is very important for us all to know well our own skin and all our moles to detect quickly a possible problem to be able to go as soon as possible to a specialist.
A very useful tool that will help us to control our freckles is the rule ABCDE.

These are the aspects you have to control:
A: ASYMMETRY. We must be aware about the fact that our moles must be symmetric and must have a round shape.
B: BORDERS. Pay attention to whether or not the borders of the moles are irregular.
C: COLOR. Color must be homogeneous. It must not show different brown and black tones.
D: DIAMETER. They must not measure more than 6 milimeters.
E: EVOLUTION. We must be sure they do not change the look.
The UV index measures the intensity of the ultraviolet radiation that the earth surface reaches. It offers us an international homogeneous unity of measure and a color code to make the information easier to understand. Thus, a UV index of 1 or 2 is low, and the need to be protected from sun rays is minimum, even non existent. A UV index over 11 is extrene and the measures to adopt must be adequate to prevent sunburns and possible problems.
You must take pictures of your freckles once a month at least. This way you will be able to see clearly their evolution if there is any, and detect possible problems that you should talk to your doctor about.